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Episodes from season two

This is where you'll find titles and what the shows were about for season two. Have fun reminensing!

"Born to Hang"
Emma and Sam got married and the riders needed another cook. That's where Rachel Dunn came in. (They couldn't eat anymore of Jimmy's cooking! LOL!) This is also where Noah becomes one of the young riders.

They find out that Rachel killed,in self-defence,the man who killed her husband. Teaspoon is being hunted by a guy who was suppossed to be dead. Lou and Kid help Rachel clear her name,and this is also the episode where Teaspoon finds out that Lou is a girl. Whew!
p.s. This is a FUNNY episode!

"Dead Ringer"
A bounty hunter goes after Jimmy when he gets framed for murder and robbery.

"Blood Moon"
When a boy is beleived to carrying Cholera,Sweetwater gets quarantined,and the town wants tio go after the boy.

"Pride and Prejudice"
Buck helps retrieve captives from the Lakota tribe,but he's in for a surprise. He takes back Thompkin's wife and daughter,but Thompkins wants nothingto do with them 'cause his wife married an indian and had a son with him.

The Littlest Cowboy"
A dying,handicapped,boy's last wish is to meet the riders. The boy's mother makes his dream a reality,and Ike ends up learning a thing or two.

"Blood Money"
A clueless Kid takes in a innocent man,only to find out that the marshal's crooked. The other riders end up helping Kid face the marshal.

"Requim For A Hero"
Cody meets his hero,who helps him investigate attacks on the Indians. Kid and Lou face their feelings for each other.

"BAd Company"
Jimmy accidentally kills a woman,so he becomes the sherriff in a town with no law.

"Star Light,Star Bright"
Jimmy saves the life of a prospector. To repay him he shares his mine with all the riders. But they're in for a surprise,the guy's a.....fraud!

"The Play's the Thing"
Cody joins an acting troupe,which,unknowingly puts him in the middle of an assassanation attempt.

"Judement Day"
While Cody's greiving the death of Hezekiah Horne,he joins up with a preacher. But,the preacher also heads a groupe of bounty hunters. Kid proposes to Lou but she says no.

Noah gets captured and the others have to find him before he gets sold into slavery. Rachel and Lou gamble to get Noah his silver saddle back.

"The Peacemakers"
The girl Jimmy falls for is a memeber of a religous group that is being persecuted by the townfolk. Kid starts worring 'bout Lou and gets overprotective.

A guy who used to be Rachel's partner shows up with his daughter,they're running from a con/theft in New Orleans.Kid asks Lou,again,to marry him and when she says no they break up.

"Color Blind"
Kid becomes attracted to the new schoolteacher in Sweetwater.When Lou sees him falling for the lady,she gets sad and Jimmy tries to cheer her up.It comes out that the schoolteacher's mother is black and when her mother gets killed she leaves town.

"Old Scores"
Ike meets a man who was involved with his family's killing,and decides to get even. The otehr riders are busy chasing down a monster. Ike decides not to kill the guy,he has a family.

"The Talisman"
Teaspoon,Kid,Cody,Jimmy,and Noah go to a town in Mexico to help,after Teaspooon gets a letter from a friend.

"A Noble Chase"
Jimmy and the bounty hunter,Jake Colter,race to take in a bank robber and to collect thre reward.

"Face of the Enemy"
A war hero,who's also a friend of Teaspoon's,puts Sweetwater in danger when he gives orders for an attack on a Sioux peace delegation.

"The Exchange,Part One & Two"
Amanda gets kidnapped by one of teh Oike brothers to try and save his brother from getting hung. The riders ride out;Buck,Noah,and Jimmy to transport the prisoner,and;Cody,Teaspoon,and Kid to try and find Amanda. When Lou finds out what's going on she rides out,planning to rescue Amanda,but ends up getting captured herself. The riders attempt to trade Emry Pike(the one suppossed to get hung) for Amanda and Lou.

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