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Can't remeber what a certian episode from season one was about? Just want read about the episode? This is the place!

Here's where you can read about all the episodes from season one. Have fun!

"The Kid"

This is where all the riders meet up for the first time. There's The Kid,James(Jimmy)Hickock,William(Bill)Cody,Ike McSwain,Buck Cross,Louise(Lou)McCloud,their boss Teaspoon Hunter,and Emma Shannon who was the cook.

"The Gunfighter"
Jimmy has a shootout with a gunfighter named Longly and ends up killing him.

"Speak No Evil"
Ike gets kidnapped by the Kiowa while they're on the warpath. Buck's able to get them to release him,but they put Buck through a 'test' to prove that he's worthy of his Kiowa blood.

"Home of the Brave"
Ike has to testify against the leader of a gang,in court,when he sees a stagecoach massacre.

"Bad Blood"
Kid and Lou go to visit Lou's brother,Jerimiah,and sister,Teresa at the orphanage. When they get there they find out that Lou's father,Boggs,has already taken the kids. This is also the episode where the other riders find out that Lou is really Louise,a girl! In the end Kid has to kill Boggs to save Lou and the other riders agree to keep her identity a secret,even from Teaspoon.

"Black Ulysses"
They're trying to help a slave who's been accussed of murder and who's a runaway slave.

"Ten-Cent Hero"
Jimmy beatsa novelist in a gunfight. Well,the novelist writes the story that starts Hickock always having to defend himself,against guys trying to make a name for themselves.

"False Colors"
Jed,Kid's brother,may be a part of a plan to steal a gold shipment.

"A Good Day to Die"
A Sioux brave is at the site of a Indian massacre,and Kid takes him in for justice.

"End of Innocence"
Emma goes to help a friend have her baby in Ft.Reunion. Jimmy goes for protection. After they get there they find out that the officer in charge has led a massecre on a peaceful Indian village,Ceder Springs. Jimmy gets shot,accused of treson,and ordered to hang. But the gang gets there in time. In this episode Jimmy and Emma share a kiss,but she tells him that he's too young for her.

"Blind Love"
Jimmy falls in love with a girl,but her and her husband frame him for murder.(Leave it too Jimmy! LOL) In the end he gets cleared of ther charges.

"The Keepsake"
A woman,named Amanda,shows up claiming to be Teaspoon's daughter,by a woman he loved a long time ago. But the girl that was really Teaspoon's daughter died and Amanda was her friend. She'd told Amanda about a keepsake worth $10,000,and Amanda's companion plans to steal it from Teaspoon. When Emma finds out that Amanda's trying to steal the siver comb,Amanda tells them what's really going on. Teaspoon helps her,and her companion ends up getting killed.Teaspoon lets her keep the $10,000,so she can open a saloon for him. This is also the episode where Kid and Lou share a kiss outside,at a dance.

"Fall From Grace"
Teaspoon and Jimmy stage a fight so Jimmy can leave The Pony Express and join hired guns,led by a ruthless madam,after his good friend's killed.Jimmy is working for the Army,secretly,but the other riders are upset by his attitude. After Grace,the madam,is killed Jimmy returns to the station.

"Hard Time"
After being railroaded into jail,in a corrupt town,Kid ends up in a slave labor camp.

"Lady For A Night"
Lou dresses up as a lady and has dinner with a guy who ends up being a robber.

"Unfinished Business"
Emma's husband,after surving a massecre on wealthy settlers inSalt Lake City,return,wanting a place to stay.

Cody's chased by outlaw Union soldiers,while on a run,and a baby's left with the riders at the station.

"Daddy's Girl"
Buck falls in love with the daughter of Sweetwater's new banker,who's rich,but falls into trouble with the men that work for her daddy.

A guy gets to town and wants to be like Jimmy,he just wants to be Jimmy's friend. In the end,unfourtantly,he dies saving Jimmy's life.

"Matched Pair"
Jimmy confronts an old friend.

"Man Behind The Badge"
An enemy of Sam's tries to take Sweetwater over. The riders have to help Sam get his town back.

"And Then There Was One"
One by one,old friends of Teaspoon's,are getting killed. What do they all ahve in common? They were,including Teaspoon,the only survivors of The Alamo.

"Gathering Clouds:Part One"
Kid is undercover,for the Army,to try and find out who the Hawk is.
"Gathering Clouds:Part Two"
Sweetwater has to defend itself aginst Haw's Raiders,and in a sense,the Army. (The Army 'cause the officer in charge is STUBBORN!!!!)

Favorite Episode Of The Month

In this section I'll post a new favorite episode about once a month. Please let me know your favorites. I've even set a poll up on the poll page,so go there and vote for your fave episode!