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The Bunkhouse
Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


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James Hickock was played by Josh Brolin. He's the son of James Brolin and Jane,who passed away in a car accident in 1995 and James is now married to Barbera Streisand. Some of the movies he's played in are:The Goonies(1985),Thrashin'(1986),The Road Killers(1993),Bed of Roses(1996),Flirting With Disaster(1996),Nightwatch w/ Ewen McGregor,Gang in Blue(a Showtime original),Mimic(1997),The Hollow Man(2000),and The MOd Suad w/Claire Danes. He was in a few television movies,including Finish Line. James played his dad/coach in that movie. He also made a few guest appearences on tv shows,including "Highway to Heaven". He was also on two tv shows. One was the short-lived series "Private Eye" and the other was ABC's Young Riders(1989-1991). While on "Private Eye" he met actress Alice "Debroah" Adair,who later became his wife. They had two children together before divorcing and he is now dating actress Minnie Driver.

Ike McSwain was played by Travis Fine(and his last says it all,'cause the boy is FINE!)He was born May 26,around 1969. When he saw a play he decided he wanted to be an actor,and when he got a knee injury from football,he made that a reality. He's had smaparts in television movies and he also had a part on the tv series JAG. Some of the movies he's played in are;"They've Taken Our Children:The Chowchilla Kidnapping"(1993),the mini-series "Cruel Doubt","The Thin Red Line"(1998),"Girl,Interupted"(1999),another mini-series "Shake,Rattle,and Roll"(1999),and also in the movie "Menendez:A Killing in Beverly Hills(about the brothers who killed there parents). And of course he was in "The Young Riders"(1989-1991). In 1993,on Valentine's Day,he married his wife Jessica and they had achild together.
FUN FACT: His wife once dated Erik Menendez in high school!

The Kid was portrayed by Ty Miller. Ty was born onSeptember 26,1964,in Granada Hills,California to his parents Stuart and Gari and has an older brother named Will. He got a college degree in business from USC,but that aside to pursue a career in acting. He had a guest appearence on "Melrose Place","Growing Pains",and General Hospital". His big break came when he land a role as a regular on the television series"Hotel". In that he played with Josh's dad James Brolin,how cool is that?! In 1988 he broke into movies with a horror called "Slaughterhouse Rock". And then he did "Trancers 4:Jack of Swords"(1994)and Trancers 5:Sudden Death(1995). And after "The Young Riders ended in 1991 he dropped out of sight,only appearing in stuff once in a while. Guess he needed a break from acting.
We all wish you well Ty and hope tos see you show off your acting talents again soon!!